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Promoting the growth of Internet in Liberia

Internet Society Liberian Chapter

The internet society Liberian chapter is a multi-stakeholder membership organization that is open to all who want to join and contribute in improving the use of Internet in Liberia. The chapter was chattered on 9th November 2009 after its incorporation in Liberia as a Not for profit Organization. It is currently undergoing  restructuring and rejuvenation processes by an Interim Board of Trustees, Officers and the General membership

Our members comprise of volunteers from the business sector, the technical, academic community and Government as well as the civil society.

Part of our role is to promote the growth of Internet in Liberia, work with the Government and stakeholders to ensure that the internet remains a platform for development in the various aspects of human life. Through getting your views and working towards changing them for a better reality.

As a chapter, we intend to bring together individual members (volunteers) of the Internet Society who share an interest and belief in the Internet Society’s principles and mission and who are committed to furthering the Internet Society’s goals and objectives in the country. We also aspire to the fundamental principles and values that help improve the Internet Standards in Liberia

To provide a platform where members can exchange ideas through informal and inclusive discussion and on public policy issues and Internet standards between stakeholders from all over the country.

About Us

We are  a group of Internet enthusiasts, including Internet users, professionals, actors and stakeholders, who are concerned about the Development of Internet in Liberia.

Internet Society Liberia Chapter was conceived as a Chapter by a group of Liberians Internet enthusiasts, who are convinced that the Internet is a valuable development tool for Liberia and there is an urgent need to promote its use in all areas of life (social, educational, economic and cultural) in Liberia, to keep pace with the global community


The Chapter is therefore committed to the development, use and open access to the Internet in Liberia.

The overall purpose of the Chapter is to promote, in a global context, the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of everyone in Liberia.

ISOC Liberia Chapter Workshop & AGM

The Internet Society (ISOC)ISOC Chapter Liberia  holds a Chapter Workshop & Annual General Meeting on Friday-Saturday December 18—19, 2015 at the Corina Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia. The event has the theme 'Cultivating Internet Power Contributors in Liberia'. The goals of the Chapter Workshop and Annual General Meeting are:

* To convene a diverse groups of the ICT/Internet community

* To provide an open forum for an exchange of ideas and a discussion of issues

* To build partnerships for enhanced internet Service delivery

* To be innovative in planning for Internet future in Liberia

* To educate all participants on the critical issues of internet governance

* To Generate visibility and credibility for ISOC Liberia Chapter’s programs within the Liberian Internet users’ community


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The Internet Society is YOU.  It is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators; thinkers and doers; artists and activists; darers and dreamers; and everyday individuals.

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Individual Memberships

Membership is free, but the benefits are huge. Gain access to Internet Society conferences, educational events, and other unique opportunities. As a member of the Internet Society you also have the chance to be a part of an incredible network of fresh-thinkers and advocates for a sustainable, healthy Internet.

Organisation Memberships

Our organisation members include corporations, nonprofits, trade and professional organizations, foundations, educational institutions, government agencies, and other national and international organizations that share our commitment to an open and accessible Internet.

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The Internet Society is YOU.  It is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators; thinkers and doers; artists and activists; darers and dreamers; and everyday individuals.


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